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      1. Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

        Brand Introduction

        BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. owns BMW brand and ZINORO brand and all new BMW X5, all new BMW i3,all new BMW 3 Series (incl. standard wheelbase and long wheelbase), new BMW X3,new BMW iX3,new BMW 5 Series Li(incl BMW 535Le), BMW 1 Series Sedan, new BMW X1, new BMW X1, new BMW X2.

        BMW Brilliance Products

        • All new BMW X5

          It’s the first time BMW X5 is made in China. The all-new BMW X5 has a robust and striking design, with an ingeniously luxury interior and user-friendly digital innovations as well as BMW’s typical outstanding dynamic performance. It is the new flagship of the BMW's locally produced lineup. The all-new BMW X5 not only opens the new chapter of the prestige of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment’s founder, but also further enriches BMW's locally produced lineup.


        • All new BMW i3

          the all-new BMW i3. Featuring together the attributes of the sporty BMW 3 Series Sedan with the innovative BMW i brand, the all-new BMW i3 is a testimony to the BMW Group’s great efforts on continuously diversifying the electric lineup across all segments. Tailored exclusively for the Chinese market, the all-new BMW i3 not only trailblazed the segment of all-electric mid-size premium sports sedan, but also set a new segment benchmark with up to twenty high-value standard features.


        • ALL new BMW 3 series

          BMW 3 Series continues to lead the upward trend in the luxury sedan segment with its long-established dominance as a sporty machine. Sporting further diversified innovative technologies and individualized elements, the New BMW 3 Series represents a big step forward while adding to the timeless model a taste of class and intelligent appeal.


        • The new BMW X3

          An example of success in the BMW X family, BMW X3 enjoys the position as one of the top players in the mid-size premium SUV segment with unmatched product strength, performance and versatility. Evolved with an ever more expressive character, cutting-edge digital technology, premium driving experience and superior dynamics, the new BMW X3 is again well positioned to bring high-quality lifestyle to its elite customers.


        • The New BMW iX3

          New BMW iX3 designed with new aesthetics design, superb driving pleasure and reliable eDrive technology, the new BMW iX3 is well positioned to lead in green premium mobility, and attests to BMW’s outstanding achievements in electrification and sustainability.


        • The New BMW 5 Series

          An indispensable model in the BMW family, hit the market with long wheelbase ICE and PHEV variants sporting enhanced luxury high-value features, again setting the benchmark for business sedans in the new era. The “Li” variants came with upgraded comfort and safety configuration, bringing an uncompromising sense of satisfaction and achievement to its elite customers of the new era.


        • The BMW 1 Series

          Driving pleasure is the soul of every BMW. The BMW 1 Series Sedan is also the benchmark in terms of driving dynamics in its segment.


        • The New BMW X1

          The new BMW X1’s exterior adopts the latest BMW X Family design language with fully-upgraded configurations and connectivity features, which further meet young family users’ pursuits of high quality life. The target users of the New BMW X1 are people who yearn for diverse lifestyles and love to enjoy their lives with family and friends.?


        • BMW X2

          BMW X2, the “cool” member of the BMW X family. The BMW X2 has successfully fused an extrovert aura with sporting looks and modern lifestyle features, and carved out a very distinctive place for itself in the BMW X model family and beyond. And now the Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) is introducing Dark/Light editions with exclusive new color combinations, together with an updated front end, to freshen up the premium segment again. The athletic BMW X2 Dark/Light Edition will use its unique combination of individuality and fashion to bring new options for more active and outgoing customers in a young and young-at-heart target group.



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