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        BMW Backs World Environment Day National Event with a Three-Part Contribution

        June 5, 2022

        ? The BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2021 was released on June 5th
        ? BMW sponsored 20 all-new BMW i3 as green shuttle service for the event
        ? The first phase of the BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative was launched to contribute to Liaoning Province's ecological civilization

        (Shenyang) From June 4th to 6th, the 2022 World Environment Day National Event under the theme of "Work Together to Build a Clean and Beautiful World" took place in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. BMW presented a three-part contribution to celebrate Environment Day and fulfill its commitment to a clean and beautiful world with practical actions:
        ? On June 5th, BMW Brilliance officially released the BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Sustainability Report”) and uploaded it to the official website of the United Nations Global Compact for global release.
        ? BMW sponsored its new BEV products, 20 all-new BMW i3, as green shuttle service for the National Event to play its part in the "Reduce a Little" action.
        ? BMW recently launched its "BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative" program to support the Liaohekou National Nature Reserve in Liaoning province, and further contribute to China and Liaoning Province’ s biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization construction.

        As the first German automotive manufacturer to join the Business Ambition for 1.5℃ campaign launched by the Science-Based Targets Initiative, the BMW Group views the environment as an important stakeholder. Jochen Goller, President & CEO of BMW Group Region China, said: "We are placing sustainability and circular economy at the core of our China strategy. Since many years, BMW has established a transparent reporting system to measure science-based sustainability goals. In 2021, our BMW Group entities and joint ventures in China have made solid contribution towards combating climate change and promoting circular economy. Driven by ‘At Home in China’, BMW will step up efforts to drive green transformation and work together with society to build a clean and beautiful home-land." At Home in China, BMW Group continues to create value for Chinese customers, the local society and industry for mutual growth. BMW believes that how we respond to climate change and how we handle the limited resources available will decide the future of society and, also, of the BMW Group. As a premium manufacturer, we are taking responsibility, here and now, for future generations.

        Advancing Towards a Clean and Beautiful World with New Heights in Sustainable Development

        Today, the world is faced with multiple challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity. There is no time to lose to work together for a clean and beautiful world. On June 5th, BMW Brilliance officially released the BMW Brilliance Sustainability Report 2021, its ninth sustainability report since 2014, conveying to the whole society the company's proactive efforts and solemn commitment to tackling global challenges.

        "In 2021, BMW Brilliance became - for the first time - the largest producer of premium cars in China. In the meantime, BMW Brilliance has also achieved excellent results in sustainable development governance with CO2 emissions per vehicle produced decreased by 7.8% year-on-year in 2021. Our implementation of sustainability strategy proves that a win-win situation can be achieved for both enterprise operational performance and sustainable development,” said Dr. Franz Decker, President & CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., “Shenyang is where the joint venture was born and grew up. We’re committed to the Group’s sustainability strategy while pursuing high-quality development, contributing not only to the economic and social development of Liaoning old industrial base, but also to the ecological civilization construction of Liaoning and Shenyang. "

        Taking action to combat the effects of climate change is a top priority for BMW Brilliance's business. BMW Brilliance proactively monitors potential climate-related risks and has made improvements in green development throughout its entire value chain. In 2021, BMW Brilliance participated in the “National Green Power Transaction” pilot scheme and ranked first nationwide in purchasing renewable electricity. For a green supply chain, BMW Brilliance implemented the Supply Chain Match Plan China program in the same year. BMW Brilliance developed eight working packages including raw materials and parts, renewable electricity, and environment, health and safety to comprehensively promote sustainable development for suppliers.

        BMW Brilliance has been focused on accelerating circularity with the “Secondary First” approach. In 2021, BMW Brilliance made great strides by increasing the volume of materials recycled; in particular, BMW Brilliance recycled 71,000 tons of scrap steel with its newly built closed-loop production system for steel recycling. In the same year, BMW Brilliance extended the life cycle of its products by continuously expanding the recycling and remanufacturing of parts and components, recycling more than 867 tons of spare parts. BMW Brilliance also recycled a much higher volume of high-voltage batteries (HVBs), successfully realizing a closed-loop recycling system for power batteries’ raw materials in May 2022.

        Under the umbrella of BMW Group’s Sustainability Strategy, BMW Brilliance kept its leading position in sustainable development in 2011, remaining top-ranking in China’s Automotive Green Development Index and nominated for “UNGC China Network Best Enterprise Practice Award” for three consecutive years. Shenyang Production Base was also awarded the "National Green Plant" title for the fifth consecutive year.

        Accelerating the Electric Offensive for a Clean and Beautiful World

        As the green shuttle service for the national event, the all-new BMW i3 launched in March is BMW's first all-electric mid-size sports sedan. The all-new BMW i3 has achieved carbon reduction throughout its entire life cycle, including design and development, supply chain, production, usage and recycling. The drive unit adopts an excitation synchronous motor that reduces dependence on rare metal resources and rare earth. All components are produced using 100% renewable electricity with advanced equipment being leveraged to continuously optimize energy consumption efficiency, vividly interpreting the BMW concept of "a green car produced in a green plant”.

        The BMW Group regards accelerating electrification as the main driver of its sustainability strategy. In 2022, the BMW Group is expected to further accelerate the electric offensive to have 15 BEVs including pre-series models in production, covering about 90% of all segments in the global line-up. Including the newly launched all-new BMW i3 and first-ever BMW i7, BMW has presented five BEVs to the Chinese customers.

        BMW spares no efforts in providing electric travel services, rapidly developing charging infrastructure and actively promoting charging with green energy. By the end of 2021, BMW has integrated 365,713 public charging pillars, spanning 318 cities across the country. BMW also sees dealers as strategic partners in its sustainability strategy. By the end of 2021, there were 554 BMW NEV dealer outlets across China, an 11.9% increase compared with the previous year.

        Promoting Biodiversity for a Clean and Beautiful World

        BMW fully agrees with the Chinese government that biodiversity is the foundation, objective and means of sustainable development. BMW actively supports the Liaoning and Shenyang governments in their goal of building a green Liaoning and a green Shenyang to jointly build a clean and beautiful world.

        Liaohekou National Nature Reserve is located at the mouth of Liaohe River in Liaodong Bay. The Liaohe River flows into the sea in Liaoning Panjin, forming vast stretches of reed wetlands that provides an ideal habitat for a variety of rare and endangered wild animals. The reserve is on the East Asia-Australasia migration route and is an important stopping place for the North-South migration of red-crowned cranes, and a breeding ground for the world’s largest population of black-billed gulls. Therefore, it is of high conservation value.

        On May 22nd, the International Day for Biological Diversity, BMW officially kicked off the “BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative”, announcing a package plan to support the Liaoning Liaohekou National Nature Reserve in three main ways: supporting the overall running of the Reserve, raising awareness of biodiversity and its importance, and promoting the image of the Reserve. BMW will take a range of concrete actions including donating vehicles for patrol and animal rescue, building an eco-friendly bird hide, developing a set of nature education courses, and organizing nature education training. This means, with the “At Home in China” philosophy in mind, BMW is extending its sustainability strategy with forward thinking and fulfilling its social responsibilities with innovative solutions so it can make greater contributions to China’s ecological civilization construction.

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