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      1. Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

        A strong addition to the premium BEV market: the First-Ever BMW iX3 makes its debut and starts presale in China

        Stp 13, 2020

        Shenyang/Beijing. The First-Ever BMW iX3, produced by BMW Brilliance, makes its debut and starts presale in China at the night of Sept 13th, culminating BMW’s “Year of NEV”. As BMW Group’s first model to offer the fifth-generation of BMW eDrive technology, this model will bring consumers a new choice of e-mobility with zero emission, long e-range, high energy-efficiency and intelligence, electrifying the premium NEV market.

        “This car marks another exciting milestone in BMW Brilliance’s history,” says Dr. Johann Wieland, President & CEO of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. “It demonstrates our commitment to driving forward electrification from car design to production to the entire value chain. It demonstrates our commitment to establish a holistic customer centric eco-system in China. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. It demonstrates our commitment to high quality development, to “world-class made in China”.

        “Globally, we have already handed over half a million electrified vehicles to BMW and MINI customers, and we intend to double this number by the end of 2021. The implementation of our large scale electrification strategy is in full swing and BMW Group aims at putting more than seven million vehicles with electrified drive systems on the road worldwide by 2030,” said Jochen Goller, the President and CEO of BMW Group Region China. “In this context, the all new BMW iX3 is playing a key part in our growing NEV portfolio. In fact, the X3 is perfectly reflecting what BMW Group calls “The Power of Choice”. With our intelligent and flexible vehicle architecture, BMW Group offers customers the same driving pleasure, high level of connectivity as well as comfort and quality, no matter what powertrain the customer chooses.”

        Premium purely electric SAV: high energy efficiency, long e-range.

        The First-Ever BMW iX3 enjoys a best-in-segment e-range of up to 500 km and energy consumption of 16.7 kWh/100km. Thanks to the highly integrated, scalable and lightweight design of the fifth-generation of BMW eDrive technology, the electric motor, power electronics and transmission are now arranged into a single housing, allowing a substantial reduction in the installation space required without compromising its performance. The drive unit integrated with the rear axle further improves the power efficiency. With leading aerodynamics, high energy density and precise energy management system, the iX3 sets a new benchmark for high energy efficiency in its class.

        The First-Ever BMW iX3 offers authentic BMW electrified driving pleasure. The presence of classical driving dynamics on this model infuses a unique driving experience. The iX3 is also an embodiment of BMW’s technology expertise in chassis tuning, precise handling, dynamic control and driving comfort. In addition, the energy recuperation offers new pleasure for customers to explore. They can choose driving position D on the gear shifter, in which case the vehicle would behave similar to the creeping function of vehicles with a combustion engine. Activating the unique B mode generates the one-pedal feeling characteristics of the BMW’s electric vehicles by providing particularly strong recuperation; customers can control the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle in most cases by simply retracting and releasing the pedal.

        Charging for 45 minutes can suffice for a whole week’s mobility needs. The First-Ever BMW iX3 supports AC and DC charging. Maximum charging power reaches 100Kw under DC, and takes only 45 minutes to be charged from 0 to 80%. While it takes 7.5 hours to fully charge under 11Kw AC power. For a 50km daily commute, a full charging will be enough for a whole week’s usage.

        As BMW Brilliance’s first “World Car” exported overseas, the First-Ever BMW iX3 is equipped with high voltage battery packs manufactured by the company’s High Voltage Batter Center II. The facility is also the first within BMW Group’s global production network to produce the fifth-generation BMW high voltage battery. With the opening of HVB Center II and the launch of the First-Ever BMW iX3, BMW Brilliance is well positioned to open a new chapter of electrification.

        Unprecedented intelligence powered by pioneering digital technology

        The latest Driving Assistant Professional equipped on the First-Ever BMW iX3 as standard offers a vast variety of functions such as Assisted Driving, Assisted Driving Plus and Lane Changing Assistant. Additional driving assistant functions including Park Assistant, BMW Drive Recorder, Reverse Tracking Assist and Remote 3D View will also be available as per different model configurations.

        The First-Ever BMW iX3 allows customers to unlock and operate the car with BMW digital key stored in their iPhone. Technology and premium ambience add up to create an intelligent cockpit. The latest iDrive 7.0 operation system features a 10.25-inch control display and a 12.3-inch dashboard display. The latest BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can, when asked via voice command, open/close the window, look for restaurants nearby and so on. In addition, the navigation system makes available a series of digital mobility services such as Indoor Parking, searching POIs infomation online and looking for a destination. The Remote Software Upgrade function enables users to get the latest software over the air, further optimizing user experience.

        As a benefit from BMW’s partnership with top internet companies in China, the First-Ever BMW iX3 offers a multitude of new BMW digital services for Chinese consumers. The car integrates popular third-party applications such as Tmall Genie, QQ Music, Ximalaya and iXigua short video. The car is also equipped with Tencent WeScenario, where customers can access to more third-party applications and location-based services.

        Worry-free user experience offered by a comprehensive NEV ecosystem

        With a dedication to “customer-centricity”, BMW provides a one-stop charging solution to customers including private charging, public charging and branded charging. Every new customer of the First-Ever BMW iX3 will be able to enjoy free wall-box installation. For customers who are not able to use private charging, BMW will offer free charging cards – 1800 kWh in 15 cities. By the end of 2020, BMW’s public charging network in China will more than double to over 270,000 charging pillars, including 80,000 DC charging pillars. Moreover, BMW is continuously expanding its charging stations to cover airport, shopping mall, hotel and BMW dealer store. The Park & Charge service now covers 6 airports in 5 cities and almost10 popular shopping centers. More than 250 authorized dealer charging stations in around 120 cities will open into operation by the end of 2020.

        For the First-Ever BMW iX3, BMW provides a comprehensive warranty and after-sale service to ensure worry-free user experience. It offers 3 year/100,000 km warranty for the vehicle, 8 year/160,000 km warranty for the high voltage battery, and 8 year/120,000 km warranty for the electric motor and control unit. During the warranty period for the vehicle, customers are also eligible for 24/7 roadside assistance, free mobile charging services, free valet charging and free trailing services.

        Well-trained BMW’s authorized i dealers will be responsible for the sales and after-sales services. The number of authorized i dealers will reach nearly 200 covering 60 cities by the end of 2020.

        Pre-sales customer package available in China and full exemption of purchase tax

        The China premiere of the First-Ever BMW iX3 features a combination of online and offline events. Jackson Yee, BMW’s new-generation ambassador, will not only be present at BMW Brilliance’s production facility in Shenyang, he will also take online viewers to explore the brand of BMW i and BMW Brilliance’s production plant.

        At the event day, BMW also starts the presale for the First-Ever BMW iX3 with a bespoke pre-sale customer package for Chinese consumers. Starting from today, any consumer who makes a reservation and pays a 1,314 RMB deposit on BMW’s online flagship store on Tmall or BMW China’s official website can choose either one of the following preferential policies, which is first come, first served:
        - 1-year free public charging: Customers can choose one of BMW charging service suppliers and enjoy free public charging nationwide for a year after the service is activated.
        - 6 year/120,000 km free maintenance services: the service comes into effect upon its first maintenance and expires after six years or 120,000 km, whichever comes first.

        The First-Ever BMW iX3 is listed in the MIIT’s national NEV catalogue. Customers nationwide can have their purchase tax exempted when making a purchase. Other NEV incentive policies include free NEV license, no travel restrictions and free parking as per local policy.

        MSPP for the First-Ever BMW iX3:

        Model MSPP (RMB)
        The First-ever iX3 Vantage 470,000
        The First-ever iX3 Pioneering 510,000

        Information about BMW Group products is available to consumers via the Internet at:


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